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Gaëlle on tour: Second city divide


Second City Divide is a bike-packing route between Glasgow and Manchester; two proud Second Cities linked by, if you look carefully, some of the UK’S best all-road riding. (

«The way out of Manchester is nice, following the Ashton Canal and quickly ending in the countryside. I turn back from time to time to check the distancing view on the city. It still seems huge from up here.

The climbs are tough and I finally join the Pennine Bridleway. Dry masonry walls as far as the eye can see, uncountable sheep and a path that alternates between alternately smooth and very rocky. This is going to be tough, but I’m also very glad to be here.

The bottom of my pannier catches a rock on one of the stony descents – my first (and only) crash of the ride; one pretty bruised, scratched and bleeding arm and a broken pannier hook. Too bad.


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Filmed & Produced by Gaëlle Bojko

Comment: Luke J. Douglas (Founder of Second City Divide)

Music: Ithaka – «Journey»

Thumbnail Design: Marko Sajn




Colaboradora en la redacción de Cultura de Pedal. Enamorada de la bici desde niña, le encanta salir a rodar acompañada de sus compañeros de cuatro patas.

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