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The Roosters


Vimeo – Mario Cranks

The Roosters want to introduce themselves with this video that shows the values they have as a team. That values give them the chance to travel long distances on fixed gear bikes always with their full messenger bags and no assistance. More than friends, a family.
The Roosters were founded one year ago. After their first trip from Madrid to Bordeaux in 4 days, they decided to keep with this project based in friendship, respect and cycling.
If you want to know more about them you can follow them:

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This video was filmed in Salamanca (Spain) by David Castañón, edited by Mario Cranks, and with the stills of Alejandro Cubino.

Subtitles by: Stephanie

The Roosters want to thank all the support from Proisme, and all you who are always supporting this guys in their trips.


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Amante de las bicicletas desde hace más de 20 años. Aficionado al btt, el ciclismo de carretera y los viajes en bicicleta. Defensor de la bici como medio de transporte en las ciudades.

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